President Kenyatta talking about coronavirus

      President Uhuru Kenyatta
    • President Uhuru and his Deputy to take 80% pay cut
    • Cabinet Secretaries and chief Administrative Secretaries to take 30% pay cut
    • Principal secretaries to take 20% pay cut
    • Tax relief for Kenyans earning a maximum of Sh. 24,000
    • PAYE reduced to 25% from 30%
    • Corporate tax reduced to 25% from 30%
    • Turnover tax reduced to 1% from 3%
    • VAT reduced to 14% from 16%
    • 1 billion allocated to hire nurses and doctors
    • Temporary suspension of listing on the CRB

    Kenya goes into a country-wide dusk to dawn curfew starting 7pm Friday all thanks to coronavirus. The last time that such a measure was put in place in the history of Kenya was during the 1982 coup attempt. This restriction was put in place yesterday by president Uhuru Kenyatta to reduce the movement of people as a way of slowing down the spread of coronavirus in Kenya.

    The president said the curfew came after it was recommended by the National Security Council. He said this in a televised address from State House, yesterday evening. However, professionals that offer critical services are exempted from the curfew. These include health professionals, administration and co-ordination officers and national security. Workers in supermarkets, Kenya Power staff, and workers in petrol stations and other oil products have also been exempted.

    Kenyan doctors fighting corinavirus
    Kenyan doctors

    The president said that licensed financial institutions like banks, telecommunication operators and other financial services staff will be exempted from the curfew. Fire brigade as well as other emergency response services have also been excluded.


    Uhuru Kenyatta also announced three new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 28. A patient that had tested positive has fully recovered meaning only 27 cases remain. He stated that it was a clear indication that we (Kenya) can beat the virus.

    The president went further to direct the Ministry of Health to immediately appropriate Sh 1 billion from the (UHC) Universal Health Coverage kitty towards the recruitment of additional health workers. He also ordered pay and tax cuts in order to boost the economy of Kenya.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think the measures put in place will,

    • Contain the spread of coronavirus in Kenya?
    • Cushion Kenyans from the economic effects of the pandemic?

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