President Uhuru Kenyatta


  1. President Kenyatta says that the economy of Kenya is strong and a 6.3 per cent growth is expected in 2019. He said that it would happen  alongside the Big Four agenda execution.
  2. Mr. Kenyatta also insists that he will not relent in the war against corruption as well as the Building Bridges initiative.

President Kenyatta also gave strong statements on issues to do with the war on corruption, the Big Four agenda as well as the need for unity. He did so in the much awaited State of the Nation address . He vowed to continue with the war on graft, saying that it is aimed at protecting the country’s resources.


“There will be no turning back in the war against corruption as it is just a war, a war to prevent misuse of resources from selfish interests by those entrusted to manage them, ” Mr. Kenyatta said.


The president also indicated that he is not willing to slow down as far as the achievement of these goals is concerned.

On the matter to do with manufacturing, he pointed prioritisation of the assembly of motor vehicles and the manufacture of spare parts, initiatives which the president noted have seen Volkswagen and Peugeot set up assembly lines in Kenya.

Mr. Kenyatta also addressed issues to do with Agriculture, Health and Housing.

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