Benjamin Franklin once said that early morning has got gold in it’s mouth. This analogy is not very far from the truth since getting up early has got many perks. Below are some reasons that I believe should convince you to make early rising a habit.

Amazing start. One of the most common characteristic of people that get out of bed late is that they are always late throughout the day. You get out of the bed late, you rush to the bathroom, rush to the kitchen and before you know it your entire day is all about rushing. Waking up early on the other side gifts you ample time to perform all your activities for the day in a calm and orderly manner. The best way to start a day is by waking up early, this is something that I have come to learn from experience.

More productivity. Scientific studies have shown that the human brain is more productive in the morning. Further research on the same topic proved that human beings take a shorter period of time to complete a task in the morning that would have taken more time if performed at any other time of the day. Take advantage of this time when your speed is boosted, you are more adent in planning, making better decisions as well as completing tasks.

The quiet. The quiet in the morning should be enough reason to convince you to get out of bed. It goes without saying that a quiet environment is the best environment for working. Take advantage of this time when there are no car noises, no children noises, just the morning quiet. I advise you to take this time to tackle the most challenging tasks or those that require more concentration.

Breakfast. Breakfast is among, if not the most important meal that you can have throughout a day. It has occurred to me that those guys that wake up late spare only a few minutes for breakfast, some even do away with it. Early rising gives you more than enough time to prepare a proper breakfast that will be of benefit to your health. It also gives you time to take your tea comfortably as you enjoy reading a book or a blog like this one.

Sunrise. The sun is known to be a good source of vitamin D. Some of the other benefits of the sun include: stimulation of melanin production and several benefits to the nervous system. Do not miss the chance to experience the sun rise as this may be the most beautiful scenery that you will come across throughout the day.

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